In this first volume, discover tales of unease and intrigue, tales to read whilst safely curled up to in the warmth and sanctuary of your own home, thankful for the thrill of vicarious experience...
A young man fights a desperate battle to save the life of an ailing elder amid a violent lawless setting – but in this dystopian world, has he found an ally, a soulmate?
Two young brothers, born on the wrong side of the tracks, travel to the site of an inner city riot, lured by the temptation of material gain but blind to the dangers of mindless mob activity and simmering sibling jealousy.
A reporter is given the unenviable task of interviewing a sinister writer of supernatural fiction whose behaviour begins to mirror that of the dark creations in his fiction.
An elderly man trapped in a care home, suffering the twin torture of neglect and carer abuse seeks to escape the prison of his mind and the rage of his abuser.
And a bedtime story, set in the future, about the frailties of mankind and its impact on the wider setting – narrated by a doting father to his two young children with the aid of ancient constellations as viewed from a distant barren world.
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